The perfect team — dedicated to creating or maintaining your unique ride.

Janos Sipos, Sales & Customer Service

Janos is our point man on a bunch of things, but you'll mostly see him working with customers making sure they're getting the exact service and parts they wanted. As an accomplished aftermarket veteran, his technical knowledge spans the entire automotive aftermarket. B18 swap? Sure. Fummins conversion? No problem. LS swap? Another day at the office. He'll get the parts, equipment, and people together.

When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as autocross and anything involving automotive insanity.


William O'Donnell, Master Technician & Shop Operations

Will oversees all operations in our service bays and makes sure progress is always happening on your job, and keeps track of the ever increasing amount of parts and paperwork that flow through the shop. Will's extensive mechanical experience and knowledge is invaluable in making sure tough repair and performance problems are solved.

In his spare time, Will enjoys working on anything involving American Muscle and off-road projects such as our Full Width XJ.


Christopher Grime, Lead Technician & Fabricator

Chris is our primary installation technician as well as our in-house fabricator. With many years of practical experience, he routinely finds ways to improve installation procedures as well as fabricate when 'off the shelf' isn't available for your project.

During his time off, Chris enjoys off-roading in his Jeep Wrangler, spending time with his family, coaching youth baseball, and water sports.